Make Your Wedding Photography Outstanding by Using These Indispensable Ideas

Last Updated on January 23, 2022

Make Your Wedding Photography Outstanding by Using these Indispensable Ideas

Shoot the best wedding photos using these ideas


What is your opinion, “what is the most memorable event of our life?” what would be your answer? Well, anyone can say that the wedding day is one of the most memorable days of human life. Marriage does not often happen in our life.

For most people, it happens only once. That’s why people want to keep all the memories of this red-letter day. There is a saying “the little moments in marriage make the best memories” As a photographer, it is your responsibility to make their memory vivid forever. 

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Wedding Photography Ideas


If you are a beginner, it might seem quite difficult for you. Let me do you a favour in this regard. Here are some essential wedding photography tips for beginners that will work as a helping hand for you. But remember one thing, if you do not work on post-production, your excellent photos may not look exactly as you want. If you are unable to do that, you can take an image editing service.

Every kind of photography has its own technical requirements, style, and features, and so on. Wedding photography also has some distinct features. In this article, you will find wedding photography do’s and don’ts. So, without further delay, let’s begin.

The reality of wedding photography

Every kind of photography requires almost the same type of skills. But I must share some wedding photography facts that you should know. The first and foremost matter is starting. Sometimes it requires a huge investment for starting wedding photography.

The tricky part of wedding photography is, you can be blamed for every fault. Moreover, you should have a mental preparation to make a lot of quick decisions. You may need to work 14/15 hours at a stretch following a busy schedule. Though there is a good chance to make significant earnings, you cannot deny the fact that it’s a tiresome job.

Make a shot list

For a new photographer, it is essential to make a shot list beforehand. I would say this is one of the crucial things to know before shooting a wedding for you. Talk to the couple and ask them if they have any preferences.

Take their suggestion and with that, add your shots. Decide how many shots you will take before, during and after the bridal preparation. Determine the shots with the family, friends and with others. Spend some extra time on this part.

Besides deciding shots beforehand, you should also show a manual for different poses to the couple. They can have a clear idea about the plan.

Have a good preparation

Any wedding day brings a lot of mess with it. So you have to make a preparation for every situation. Anything can go wrong during the big day. Keep your memory cards blank, get your batteries charged, and make a day-long plan. Visit the wedding place because it will help you gather a lot of information.

Information about the lighting source, close relatives of the couple, etc. Another important thing, get mentally prepared to have a stressful day because you are going to have a hectic day.



Wedding Photography Ideas

Take RAW photos

Most photographers don’t prefer shooting RAW because it requires extra processing.  Wedding photography will throw you challenge with different tricky lighting.

You have to manipulate the exposure and white balance. In wedding photography, you will get enough flexibility for post-production. So, you can opt to shoot RAW.

Talk to the couple

Couples these days make their own plan. Many couples have some dream shots. Talk with them. You will get to know what their expectation is. Share your working style with them and let them share with you what they want. You are shooting their wedding, so prioritize their preference.

Wedding photography images are going to be a lifetime memory for them. So, take some basic instructions from them beforehand. After twenty years, these photos should bring tears in their eyes. 

A second photographer 

You cannot handle all the work alone. In that case, you had better you take another photographer as your helping hand. As a result, you don’t have to move here and there.

He also can take essential shots. You will not be stressed, and your wedding photography pic will be better than expected. A second photographer is a beneficial option. 

Don’t delete any photo

We tend to delete the pictures if not perfect. But you know what? Sometimes the best photos are in the images that you are thinking to delete. One of the interesting facts about these photos, they are candid. You should not delete these photos. Who knows!

These can be the most adorable picture of the whole wedding photo collection. One thing I would suggest here, you can crop the photos if something unpleasant comes into the frame. You can make a bloopers collection.

Look for Small Details

Wedding Photography Ideas


Some new photographers make these common mistakes. They usually ignore the small details of the wedding. But you should know that if you put emphasis on the little detail, it can bring a good result.

Take pictures of small things like flowers, shoes, back of the dress, rings, menus, table settings, etc.

Use multiple cameras and enough accessories

Using extra cameras can be a great relief. If you do not have an extra camera, manage one for the wedding day anyway. Remember to use two different kinds of lenses for two cameras. As a professional photographer, you can never make an excuse for your failure.

That is why you cannot compromise important things. Besides a spare camera, you should keep enough accessories. If you can manage a laptop, do it. Therefore you can avoid the probability of data loss. Multiple cameras can save a lot of hustle in the future. 

Using light – Flash diffuser

No matter where the wedding takes place backyard or ballroom, you have to make the best use of light. The problem with lighting in wedding photography is the manner it follows. Light can come through the large window. Moreover, diffused light is a common phenomenon is wedding ceremonies.

You have to be efficient is using this kind of scattered lighting. Is some churches, the light is very low. In that case, you can bounce the flash or use a flash diffuser if they allow flashlight. Some churches don’t allow flash, though.

Group Photos are Important

You cannot deny the importance of group photos at a wedding. We all know that it creates a good vibe among the participants. So, try to arrange some space and get all the family members together.

You may need a ladder to take the photo perfectly. You may even need to climb the roof or balcony. Thus, you can take all the smiling faces into your frame.

Find Creative Angles

Wedding Photography Ideas


Don’t just shoot cliche and boring shots. Because at the end when all the photos will be stuffed into one single album that should not look the same all the way.

Be creative in choosing angles and shots. Mix things so that you don’t get bored while scrolling down the photos on your PC. Try different angles and be innovative.

Capture the smile and reactions

Always remember that they appointed you to capture the best moments of the wedding day. So, always keep searching for smiling faces and some funny reactions. Children are the best source of smiles and funny reactions. So, keep an eye on them.


Wedding Photography Ideas


Wedding photography camera settings

Have you ever given a thought on this important matter? You know that the wedding day has itself a set up. And the lightings, background, and shadow are uneven. So, you cannot just keep a particular setting for shooting every picture. At first, you have to decide the best camera for wedding ceremonies. Understanding the camera setting will be easier for you.

Conclusion: Any kind of photography is mainly closely related to creativity. Whatever steps you follow if you are creative you can find a way out. If you are lacking in that part, don’t worry. You can just follow these wedding basic ideas to get things started. The suggestion I have shared are proven to be true. So you can follow these without any second thought.

14 Best Wedding Photo Ideas

  • Talk to the couple and ask them if they have any preferences.
  • Determine the shots with the family.
  • Have a good preparation
  • Backup memory card and batteries
  • Shoot on RAW format
  • Talk to the couple
  • Get a second photographer
  • Don’t delete any photo
  • Look for small details
  • Use multiple cameras and enough accessories
  • Using light – flash diffuser
  • Group photos are important
  • Find creative angles
  • Capture the smile and reactions


Author – Daxton Butler is a passionate photographer. When it comes to wedding photography, he loves to advise the newcomers along with shooting. Check it out this Facebook Page.

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