7 Types of Product Photography You Need to Know

Last Updated on January 23, 2022

Product Photography Guide and Examples

7 Types of Product Photography You Need to Know

Product Photography has become inevitable in the Ecommerce business. Whether you view a website, online magazines, or online advertisements, you will witness very diverse product photography.

Professional product photos are vital for selling products; they play a crucial role in convincing viewers into consumers. When we look deeper, product photos act as proof of the characteristics of the displayed products.

Buyers worldwide prefer product photography first and then turn their attention towards the descriptions for the products.

If you are an eCommerce beginner, then you are in the right place. In this article, we have illustrated the seven different types of product photography and the example like a pro.

Product Photography Types With Examples

Various Types of Product Photography You Need to Know

1. Simple Studio Photos

Simple studio photography is nothing but simple product photography, which is mostly utilized in the online shopping world. Therefore, product photography plays a huge role in converting visitors into a consumer for online retailers.  

Simple studio photography could be the perfect solution for capturing products in a suitable environment. However, every product requires a unique approach to capture it perfectly. In Studio, professional photography creates a perfect environment that will highlight products.


Online, millions of products are sold via online stores because of product photography. Capturing any product with suitable lighting effects inside the Studio could be an example of simple studio product photography.

2. Photos with White Background

If you know some basics in product photography, you should be aware of this white background product photography type. Capturing products with a clear white background will highlight the product look and create a ‘knockout’ floating appearance.


Capturing all products in solo with a white background will give an appealing look to it. Almost every online store has white background product photography for the products which are listed under the product catalogs.

7 Types of Product Photography You Need to Know

3. Capturing With Scale Shot

Scale shot product photography is a type that will elaborate the size of the products in real-time by placing that product in a real-time environment. This type of photography is essential for eCommerce businesses selling a wide range of products.


This scale shot product photography can be used to highlight the size of the hydrating funny pack by capturing a runner wearing it at his/her back. By doing so, viewers/buyers can get an accurate idea about how that funny pack may look by comparing the size of the shown runner.

4. Group Product Photos

Group product photography is a type that plays a handy role in displaying a product that comes in a variety of sizes, colors, and other variations. This product photography type can be useful for the buyers who look to buy a set of products or products for specific needs.


Brands that sell the same products in different sizes, colors, and multiple other variants can use this group product photography type. For example, projecting a cap with various colors and sizes in a single picture will give a visual idea for buyers to go for the attractive color which they like most.

7 Types of Product Photography You Need to Know

5. Product Photography with 360-degree Angle

This 360-degree product photography is a technique highly used to attract a target audience who is keen on picking specific products based on their specification, design, and shape. In addition, this hi-tech product photography will highlight the product brand’s nature.


For selling sports products, this 360-degree photography technique is highly utilized. Athletics and a highly resonant audience will find this photography for picking the right sports products that will give them real comfort while using.  

6. Mannequin Photography

Mannequin Photography is a popular type of photographic method used under clothing photography. A mannequin is a dummy that offers viewers/buyers a clear idea of how the wardrobes would look after wearing.


Professionals who are so popular in conducting amazon product photography or any other online clothing store photography would well aware of doing Mannequin Photography elegantly. Viewers looking for fitted wardrobes made of elastic fabric would get a clear idea of this mannequin photography.

7. Lifestyle Products Photography

It’s a kind of product photography that will illustrate how the product would be useful in real-time and specially designed to handle it. This type of lifestyle product photo will describe how their life would look after purchasing the product to the buyers/consumers.


In most cases, this lifestyle photography is highly utilized by the clothing apparel and for the tools/accessories handled by the professionals outdoor like machines, gaming accessories, etc.


Having good, clean, and highly focused product photography is critical for achieving eCommerce growth and success. Always consider the amount you spend on commercial photography rates as an investment for your eCommerce business. Additionally, every product needs a unique way of photography approach for better projection, so it is highly advised to hire professional product photographers.

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