Amazon Product Photography Sellers – Guide for 2023

Last Updated on May 25, 2023

Guide for Amazon Product Photography

Amazon Product Photography Sellers - Guide for 2022-

As Amazon becomes an increasingly larger part of the retail landscape, more and more sellers are looking to jump on board and capitalize on its massive customer base.

Whether you’re a first-time Amazon seller or you’ve been selling on the platform for years, photography is one of the most critical aspects of your product listings.

In this guide, we’ll walk you through everything you need to know about taking great product photos that will help you sell more products on Amazon.

From understanding Amazon’s requirements to choosing the right equipment and settings, we’ll cover it all! So whether you’re just starting or you’re looking to up your game, read on for our best tips for Amazon Product Photography and boosting your sales.

What Is Amazon Product Photography?

Amazon Product Photography Sellers - Guide for 2022-

Product Photography is the technique of representing a product to make it look enticing to the viewer while simultaneously showcasing all the various features of the product.

Amazon Product Photography is a visual representation of a product advertised on Amazon. This is so significant because Amazon has set a specific threshold for the quality of images for products that are advertised on the platform.

Why Is Amazon Product Photography Essential In 2022?

Amazon Product Photography Sellers - Guide for 2022

Any product listing on Amazon is incomplete without high-quality product photography. Especially now in 2022, product photography is essential to showcase your product and has become necessary for making conversions and getting good click-through rates on your product listings.

Product photography is a powerful tool for marketers and advertisers because it can help increase brand awareness, build relationships with customers (leading them from initial understanding of your product through becoming loyal), and assist products in front-of-people settings, which leads to impulse purchases.

Every other retailer on Amazon has resorted to hiring the aid of Amazon Photography Services to enhance and optimize their product listings to the next level.

Here are 5 reasons why Amazon Product Photography is essential in 2022 for all retailers:

1. For Search Engine Optimization (SEO):

The best way to optimize for search engines is by enhancing your product photography. Taking the time to take professional product photos can have a major impact on your business.

In addition, improving how products appear in search engine results will increase customer engagement, which leads them back again and encourages future purchases! 

2. To Increase Conversion Rate:

The power of a good photo is undeniable. In research, 75% more people were motivated to buy when an image was present!

A great photographer will help you stand out from all those other products on the shelf and make your purchase easier for anyone who may be looking at them with interest or forgetfulness. Nobody wants their memory tested by endless scrolling through pages upon pages until something sticks.

We want what’s best right away, so that’s why high-quality images are key if someone has limited time available before making such big decisions like buying things online.

3. To Boost Click-Through Rate (CTR):

High-quality product photography also translates to an increased click-through rate on your Amazon advertisements.

This is because people tend to be visual beings and thus respond more to products that appear more visually appealing than those that do not.

4. To Improve Traffic:

Since product photography boosts CTR, this means that it ultimately also improves traffic to your advertisement listing on Amazon.

5. For Building Brand Image:

Branding is the foundation for every business element, from social media posts to email updates and marketing events.

Product photography can help you tell that story through all these channels by capturing images that represent what customers see when they browse or buy products online.

For example:

Branded packaging makes it easy for potential buyers to identify items as part of brands. Great pictures can also show how delicious something looks without having ever ingested any food.

Amazon Product Photography Requirements:

Amazon Product Photography Sellers - Guide for 2022-

The specifications for uploading images on Amazon are very particular.

Amazon sellers must follow these guidelines strictly, or their products will not be allowed to sell!

1. General Product Photography Guidelines On Amazon:

To create an attractive and effective product listing on Amazon, it is important to follow specific photography guidelines. Here we have provided a detailed overview of the best practices for photographing products on Amazon.

By following these simple guidelines, you can produce high-quality product photos that will help you sell more products on Amazon.

  • The product image should always be in color, never in black and white.
  • Use of logos, trademarks, or variations of the Amazon name in your product images is prohibited.
  • No use of filters as this may affect rankings which will cause images to not only be off-center but lower quality.
  • To ensure that your image is optimized for search and easy viewing, a minimum of 85% coverage should be available.
  • Product Identifiers should not have characters like the dash or underscore. These will hinder your file from uploading properly!
  • Your title must match the images so customers can easily identify what they’re looking at when browsing through listings on Amazon.
  • The model’s posture in the main image should be straight, not sitting or kneeling. This rule isn’t applicable for assistive technologies like prosthetics.
  • The product should show in full-frame with no cuts or pulls away from the screen to allow potential buyers all aspects when deciding on what they would like to purchase – including size options! 
  • When an online shopper hovers over your image, they will see product details and pricing in a pop-up window. The size of your image should be at least 1600 pixels to make sure that it’s easy enough for customers when trying out different items by clicking.

This means that if there is the main image with the person in it then they’re going to stand up straight and not lean on something while taking their photo which will make them look more professional than before!.

2. Main Image Guidelines On Amazon:

When an e-shopper searches anything on Amazon, the first visible image of their product is what they call “the hero image” or “the main image.” 

This can be seen in both search pages and browse pages. The detail screen also features this picture with more information about where it came from alongside any reviews or pricing details if available for that particular item.

Main Image Requirements:

  • Must include only one product in focus.
  • Must be a real-life professional photograph.
  • The product should cover the entirety of the image frame.
  • The background must be completely white, i.e., Color code: RGB 255, 255, 255.

Main Image Prohibitions:

  • Partial shots of the product.
  • Animated gifs of the product.
  • Multiple views of the product.
  • Any kind of promotion or brand logo in the image.
  • Pixelated, low-quality, and blurry product images.
  • Product getting cut off or touching the image frame.
  • Obscene or offensive materials, products, or packaging.
  • Any kind of graphics, drawing, illustration, or product placeholders.
  • Unless the packaging has some significance, packaging, boxed, or bagged products.
  • Any type of text, borders, inset image, color blocks, logo, or watermarks in images.

3. Additional Images Guidelines On Amazon:

9 maximum images are allowed for listing on Amazon. 7 main photos show in the list, while additional ones have separate categories called “variants.”

These provide more information about products, like detail or style, that may not be captured by simply seeing them alongside one another without any variation whatsoever! These have the exact requirements and prohibitions as general product images.

4. Swatch Image Guidelines On Amazon:

Mini images of the product appear next to its hero image on our website’s detail pages. These “child” Swatches show off other aspects like colors or patterns that might be available for purchase alongside your primary selection, giving you even more options when deciding which one suits you best!

Swatch Image Requirements:

  • The preferred file type for this image is JPEG (.jpg).
  • Your images should be at least 30 pixels on the longest side.
  • Swatch images should have a resolution of 72 pixels per inch or PPI.

Best Practices For Product Photography On Amazon in 2022:

Amazon Product Photography Sellers - Guide for 2022-

To create an effective product photography strategy for Amazon, it’s important to understand the changes taking place on the platform. So here we outline the best practices for product photography in 2022, based on the latest trends and developments.

Whether you’re a marketer or an Amazon seller, these tips will help you improve your photo quality and increase sales.

1. A/B Testing:

Take your last test before you start. It’s called A/B Testing or Split Testing, and the purpose is to find out which images get people most excited about what they’re selling!

A slight change can make or break a whole setup, so this important experiment helps sellers like yourself accurately measure their results with split tests that will give nearly perfect conversion rates on products based on these answers that promote things in related fields such as marketing research.

2. Diversify Your Main And Additional Images:

Sellers can bring variation, even for the main image. Just ensure that your product is in focal point and front of a white background with no distractions or pure colors around it – this will help make sure buyers can see what you’re selling!

Here’s An Example:

If you are selling watches, you can show the model wearing it in front of a white background instead of just showing the product itself.

3. Follow All Requirements Set By Amazon:

From a professional perspective, online sellers don’t take this too well. That’s why we see such photos get uploaded and then removed from Amazon’s website eventually – because they break one of their rules!

The first condition for being successful on amazon is following all requirements set out by them- no matter what you think about those things or how much time has passed since they were posted originally (or if it is even still possible).

From my experience with looking at other people, respect the requirements set by Amazon and follow them to a T if you want your online business to succeed.

4. High-Quality Product Photography:

You can’t afford to make mistakes when it comes down to choosing photos for your products. Professional Amazon Photography Services is the way forward, but even then, you need technical know-how that only an experienced editing company has access to!

It may never be perfect (or even close to perfect) without their help, so take advantage of all opportunities now before someone else does.

5. Main Image Should Always Star With One Product:

The main image should be of a single product, and it will lead visitors from the forefront. So make sure that this front-and-center placement doesn’t distract the user with any clutter in between or around your hero shot! 

An excellent way to assess your main image is by watching your competitors on Amazon. They can give you some pointers to consider what they are doing that works for them, beforehand and then you can improve your images accordingly and get ahead.

6. Make Your Images Zoomable:

The zooming feature of the online Amazon shopping website has been a huge success and can increase sales by quite a margin. This allows you to see products up close, creating an immersive experience that increases click-through rates!

Businesses have seen an increase in sales are due to the realistic perspective that zooming gives you, allowing users to see what they’re going for up close and personal!

7. Multiple Shots Of Your Product:

By mistake, many sellers tend to upload too few images. Amazon allows you to post up to 9 pictures of your products, but many retailers do not use this to its full potential!

These photos need to depict the full functionality and visual appeal of your product alongside its features so that customers can make informed decisions about their purchase intent.

To achieve this, you need to provide as many additional photos with multiple angles showing off every aspect of your product as physically possible.

Tips For Optimizing Your Amazon Product Photography For 2022:

Amazon Product Photography Sellers - Guide for 2022-

Product photography is an essential part of any successful advertisement on Amazon. Unfortunately, it’s also something that can be tricky to do, but it doesn’t have too much variation in terms of style or technique–the critical thing here really depends on what type of product you’re selling!

For example:

If I were trying out this new electric toothbrush and wanted people to see how well they worked before buying one myself (or even just checking inventory).

Then my best bet might not necessarily involve taking pictures from every angle; instead, we’d rely heavily upon images showing off its functionality by displaying actual user pictures where the product is being used.

1. Planning First, Execution Later:

When it comes to your product photos, you want them to be aesthetically pleasing and “relate” in a way that makes the customer feel as if they are at home browsing through an online catalog.

The best thing about this process is that once we plan out what each image should look like for our listing, all of these individual pieces come together seamlessly on one page, which creates interest and draws people to find more information or buy right away!

2. Get The Perfect White Background:

The use of a white background helps to minimize distractions and creates an elegant feel. This is because it focuses all attention on your product, which makes for easier digestion by potential customers who may have difficulty focusing with other elements competing against them in terms of color or texture and providing relief if you’re trying not only to show off but sell too!

3. The Lighting Is Everything:

You know how important the right lighting is for taking good selfies and product photos, but it also applies when trying to capture an attractive look on your purchases.

The perfect light can turn the product, what might have been considered dull or uninteresting, into something beautiful that will make people want them even more!

4. High Image Resolution Only:

A great way to ensure that your product photos are high-res and clear is by using an SLR camera with a macro lens. This will allow you to take better-quality pictures and increase your chances of success in social media marketing!

5. Showcase Your Product’s Size:

When it comes to the size of your product, make sure that you are shooting in a way that helps rather than hurts this aspect. For example, a small garment should not appear oversized, and bloggers need their clothes shown off as well, so they know what’s available!

6. Shoot From Every Angle Possible:

Giving your customers more than one photo of the product helps them get an idea about what it looks like and feels like. You should always provide plenty of pictures for this reason because consumers won’t know how well their desired item works without seeing all angles available!

7. Avoid Blurry Shots:

You can avoid the chance of camera shakes by using a steady surface, such as tripods or anything else with stability.


Amazon Product Photography Sellers - Guide for 2022-

Amazon product photography is more important than ever in 2022. It’s not enough to just have a great listing on the marketplace anymore; you need good-quality photos that will show off your products.

That means taking care of all these requirements for the best results! So don’t shy away from asking for help when you need it.

We recommend contacting a company that offers Amazon Photography Services best suited for your needs!