15 Wedding Photography Ideas You Should Know

Last Updated on January 23, 2022

15 Wedding Photography Ideas You Should Know


It’s not all about pleasing the bride and groom; Wedding Photographs should be somethings that carry uncountable memory and unsaying words — finding Wedding Photography Ideas from a couple who had the same thoughts when they determined to get married.

15 Wedding Photography Ideas You Should Know

Are you going to shoot a wedding and don’t know what to do?

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If you don’t know what I’m talking about, please take a look at your grandfather’s Wedding Photographs. It must please you seeing two smiling faces wearing a white gown and a black suit. Probably, they are no more alive, but the Wedding Photograph carries memory.

So, why not shooting photos creatively that reflect something new. We all are familiar with ordinary wedding photography, but the days are gone. Allow me to share some unique Wedding Photography Ideas since I’m a professional photographer and cover thousands of wedding photos.

On the following Wedding Photography Tips, I’m going to share all the ideas that I got from my photography carrier.

Take Photos With The Wedding Ring

Take Photos With The Wedding Ring

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It is a traditional way to get married in every society. No need to explain the potentiality of a wedding ring since the wedding ring reflect both the bride and groom already got engaged.

Therefore, ask your photographer to take some photo focussing wedding ring, although most of the wedding photographers are well known about this.

It would be more amusing if you can manage a second where both Bride Or Groom is walking together by keeping hands tightly with each other. Make sure the Wedding Ring is being appropriately exposed.

Determine The Available Location To Shoot Photos

Determine The Available Location To Shoot Photos

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The location should be natural with a beautiful background instead of a noisy background. Find a garden or playground where contain a lot of memories of your childhood. Make sure the right positioning, whether sitting or standing so that the photographer can take the full view, including The Bride Or Groom. Try to adjust the light since the reflection of sunlight can affect the images negatively.

Nobody prefers to see an unsharpen photo. Therefore each photo should be clean and retouched. Otherwise, it takes retouching service to make the picture more natural and beautiful. If you are not satisfied with the RWA images, there is an option. Check out clippingpathcenter.com to get the best photoshop services.

Shoot Smiley Face

Shoot Smiley Face


Try to keep your mode high as much as possible instead of being shy. Allisa is a famous wedding photographer who told us, most of the couples forget laughing when they are about to get closer to each other. In this case, the photographer can play a vital role by making some fun so that the bride brings back into herself and get confidence.

However, can you imagine a bride with an elegant white dress and the groom with a black suit walking together with a smiley face? Photographers wait for that moment to hit the capture button on the camera. Finding such wedding images is a big opportunity for photographers too.

Shoot Photos When Flying Bouquet

Shoot Photos When Flying Bouquet


Can you imagine how beautiful the look is when b bride is trying to fly a flower Bouquet? No bride wants to miss such a beautiful moment. That’s why you must determine and ask the photographer before Flying Bouquet. Don’t forget to keep your face smiley when the photographer is pointing the camera toward you.

Shoot Photos When The Bride Or Groom Preparing For The Ceremony

Shoot Photos When The Bride Or Groom

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The moment carries a lot of memories when both the bride and groom are about to ready and others nearest and dearest helping them. After a few days later, you can identify who was missing and who helped you out.

Taking some close shoot is recommended beside full wide photos since Bride Or Groom both looks so fresh and clean when they Preparing For The Ceremony. It helps the photographer to find some excellent portrait that should be way more natural and retouching.

Capture Some Ongoing Wedding Party

Capture Some Ongoing Wedding Party


People all around are busy with each other, and capturing the moment without noticing them is an excellent idea to find some amusing photos.

You will find your nearest and dearest characters are in there with a busy mode since they all are handling the situation for you. It may look broken or less attentive, although it carries a beautiful memory.

Photos When You Head To The Altar

Photos When You Head To The Altar

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It looks amusing when you about to enter the altar and other guests looking at you.it just going to begin a new chapter of your life. Ask your photographer to capture some photos when you head to the altar. In this case, you may find yourself a bit uncomfortable because so many faces wouldn’t be familiar to you.

Shoot Photos Before Saying YES

Shoot Photos Before Saying YES

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Nobody can forget the moment when they finally agree to spend the rest of their life with someone. It feels you unfamiliar since you don’t know what is going to happen next with your life. Therefore, it is a good idea to take some Photos Before Saying YES.

It makes you feel laughter after a few years later when you go through each photo and get appeared the one. It takes you back at that moment when you agreed to live with someone officially.

Photos With Father

Photos With Father and Mother

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Father is a person who wishes nothing but happiness rest of your life. Usually, a father is such a personality doesn’t express all emotion. However, ask your photographer to capture some photos when you closer to your father.

Photos With Mom

Both you and your mother are so emotional at that time when you about to leave. It carries thousands of unsaying words when mom hugging you tightly with tearful eyes.

On the other hand, Traditionally, Mom offers a gift when her beloved girl about to leave; at that moment, photographers should be alert to shot such photos. Don’t miss the moment to shoot some images since mother loves never die.

Capture Some Group Photos

Capture Some Group Photos

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Why not capturing some group photos when it is all about the marriage ceremony. It is effortless to manage all the nearest and dearest people together.

However, don’t forget to ask the photographer to take a group photo where including all people, from family members to friends.

A group photo will reflect how vital day was after a couple of years later when nobody is available around you.

Capture Photos With Couple’s Friends

Capture Photos With Couple’s Friends


No way to skip the moment when so many friends are already present in the ceremony. Ask your photographer to manage some photos with all the friends together in one frame.

It would be a beautiful scene standing one more couple around the newly married couple, and all they are busy with kidding. Try to keep all smiley faces in a single frame instead of taking multiple photos.

Take Photo Above

Wedding Photography - Take Photo Above

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Photos can be taken from a different angle, but taken a photo from above is an excellent idea. The idea isn’t new for photographers if you can manage such a location.

Both you and your partner are standing under the open sky with your beautiful white wedding dress and the groom’s black suit. Can you imagine how beautiful it will look at the photo? The photographer must deserve a big thank for such a picture.

In this case, the photographer requires a high landing position from where he can shoot such images. On the other hand, Camera adjusted drone for photography is an ideal solution for such images.

Shoot Some Funny Photos With Best Friends

Shoot Some Funny Photos With Best Friends

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Getting all the nearest friends together is fun! Isn’t it?

So why not capture some funny moment with your friends when pinching each other or randomly dancing. Photographers should be alert for the time when the newly married couple is making fun with their friends.

We all have one or two best friends in our life, whom we passed the limitless time with a lot of fun. So, when it is an essential day in your life, you must take some photos with your best friends. The right time is to shoot pictures when cheers with friends. It helps you to have some fun too!

Capture Water Splashing Photos

Capture Water Splashing Photos

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It’s a very innovative idea for wedding photography. You ask your photographer whether it is possible or not since it requires a lot of photo editing using Photoshop software. On the other hand, it wouldn’t be the best suit for you if there is no available source of water.

For a photographer, it requires additional equipment to capture such Water Splashing Photos.

Top Wedding Photography Tips

  1. Take Photos With The Wedding Ring
  2. Determine The Available Location To Shoot Photos
  3. Shoot Smiley Face
  4. Shoot Photos When Flying Bouquet
  5. Shoot Photos When The Bride Or Groom Preparing For The Ceremony
  6. Capture Some Ongoing Wedding Party
  7. Photos When You Head To The Altar
  8. Shoot Photos Before Saying YES
  9. Photos With Father
  10. Photos With Mom
  11. Capture Some Group Photos
  12. Capture Photos With Couple’s Friends
  13. Take Photo Above
  14. Shoot Some Funny Photos With Best Friends
  15. Capture Water Splashing Photos.

Final Thought

Besides all the Wedding photography ideas mentioned above, there are remain a lot. It takes your support to the photographers and should be flexible enough to make the deal fantastic. On the other hand, your budget should be good enough to make your plan happen.

Don’t forget to ask photographers to get some new photography ideas. I hope he must help you in this case.

Best wishes on your next journey and Fulfill your life with wellbeing and prosperity.


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