Canon EOS RP Review: The Best Budget Mirrorless Camera

Last Updated on January 23, 2022

Canon EOS RP Review

Summary of Canon RP

On the one side where competitors are making all efforts to create advanced and full-frame mirrorless camera units, Canon is gaining popularity for its feature-rich yet budget-friendly camera collections.

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Canon EOS RP is currently the most loved, and highly functional camera unit in the market. This entry-level camera unit is notably lighter, smaller and much cheaper as compared to the most other rivals. 

Canon EOS RP Review

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  • Compact and lightweight unit.
  • Budget-friendly choice.
  • Excellent metering and autofocus feature.
  • Great ISO image quality.
  • Fully articulating and interactive touchscreen.
  • Ability to capture 4K videos.
  • Familiar control layout.
  • Dual Pixel CMOS AF.
  • Satisfactory image stabilization. 


  • Slow burst shooting.
  • Limited support for RF Lens.
  • Battery life needs some improvement.
  • Lesser options for customization. 
  • Video modes need more refinement. 

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Canon EOS RP Review:

Well, here we have got another full-frame mirrorless camera unit from the most reputed brand in the market. Users call it a perfect entry-level unit with lots of amazing features that are available at a reasonable price. 

Canon entry-level

If we talk about the long history of feature-rich digital cameras, you will never find a satisfactory combination for entry-level and full-frame camera units. For the first time, Canon has designed something to serve the beginners as well as professional level enthusiasts with an all in one camera unit.

With an affordable price tag, it is loved by users for high-res sensors, tough as nail construction, improved burst rate and ability to capture 4K videos.  

Canon EOS RP has proven its edge against most other full-frame DSLR cameras in the market including D610 and 6D Mark II. You will be happy to hear that this product is finished with weather sealing material that allows users to capture amazing beauty of nature in the rainy weather as well. 

RP Features

We cannot say that Canon EOS RP has all good features; some bells and whistles are still present. For example; it doesn’t have an ultra-high-resolution sensor, provides messy shooting rates, and many other nifty features are missing such as AF tracking, High-resolution multishot mode, and IBIS, etc. But as we already discussed that this camera is designed to provide an entry-level solution to the new-age buyers, so it is okay to enjoy its incredible performance without these advanced features.

Canon EOS RP is actually designed to serve users that are just stepping out from smartphone cameras to the Mirrorless range and want to enjoy some simplified features in a compact unit. When compared to most other entry-level units in the market, this camera is rated high for its easy to use features and compelling performance. 

Incredible Features of Canon EOS RP:

  • It comes with RF Mount that is compatible with MP-E/ TS-E/ EF-S/ EF lenses and can be easily connected to the adaptor. 
  • 35mm, 6240×4160 px, 26.2 megapixel, full-frame CMOS sensor.
  • Full HD 60P, 4K 24P with movie servo AF that works via dual pixel high-quality CMOS sensor. It can easily extract still image out of 4k video recordings. 
  • Comes with 4K Frame Grab that can handle 8.3 MP JPEG images with 24 fps capture. 
  • Time-lapse shooting supported by 4K range. 
  • Designed with dual sensing IS that can work up to 5 steps and can work perfectly with compatible IS to ensure smooth video recording. 
  • Loaded with DIGIC 8 Image Processor.
  • 143 auto AF area divisions along with 4779 selectable AF points that can ensure 100% vertical and 88% horizontal coverage while extending support to f/11 max apertures. 
  • Canon has designed this camera unit with incredible AF sensitivity that can go down to EV -5 that is an extremely dark range.
  • It contains a dual pixel CMOS camera that can even 0.05 seconds of focus with ease. 
  • Touch and drag type AF that works with eye-detection AF to provide high-class results in Servo AF as well as One-Shot mode. 
  • 9.9mm OLED EVF along with 2.36 million dot viewfinder that supports 60fps refresh rate and ensures a 100% view.
  • Canon EOS RP supports 2.95” clear view LCD II. You can enjoy the amazing response from its 1,040,000-dot Vari-Angle LCD Touch screen.
  • It comes with ISO 100-40000 feature that can be varied anywhere between 50 to 51200 and 102400.
  • Supports 5fps continuous shooting mode along with 4fps Servo AF.
  • Shutter durability for Canon EOS RP is rated somewhere around 100,000 cycles. 
  • Flexible Priority mode and focus bracketing supported.  
  • The SCN Special Scene Mode makes it capable enough to handle silent shooting. 
  • Chromatic Aberration Correction, Peripheral Illumination, Diffraction and Distortion correction that works with Digital Lens Optimizer.
  • It works perfectly with a single SD/ SDXC/ SDHC memory card.
  • Magnesium alloy body ensures higher level weatherproofing that makes it stand ahead of the most other entry-level camera units. 
  • Bluetooth and built-in Wi-Fi.
  • Anti-flicker mode helps to adjust the shutter speed to the desired level so that flickering light issue can be avoided with ease. 

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With all such amazing features, Canon EOS RP is definitely a solid camera unit that can serve beginners with amazing performance. It is easy to use with lots of compelling features that can help you capture the finest images with high-resolution videos in routine.

Below we have discussed a few essential features of this lightweight camera unit to ease your buying decision:

Image quality and sensor performance:

Same as most other competitive entry-level units such as 6D Mark II and EOS DSLR; EOS RP is also loaded with a full-frame CMOS sensor that supports 26.2-megapixel image quality. Although the sensor assembly is quite different as compared to other rivals in the market; the performance is quite satisfactory.

Canon engineers reveal that the sensor unit of Canon EOS RP is a redesigned microlens system that is suitable for its shorter flange-back distance. It is commonly used by RF mounts as compared to the EF mount. 

26 Megapixels

The new age 26MP sensor unit in Canon EOS RP works perfectly with DIGIC 8 image processor and ensures much better performance as compared to 6D Mark II. Although the ISO range of both these cameras is almost the same with a negative sensitivity range of 100-40,000. However, it can be expanded to the lower range of 50 ISO whereas the higher end varies up to 102,400.

You might have seen that most of the advanced full-frame DSLR units come with higher resolution sensors as like 42MP on Sony A7R III and 30Mp in EOS R; beginners will be fully satisfied with a 26MP range that ensures easy to manage file size while creating the perfect balance between quality and crispness. You can expect higher megapixels from Canon EOS RP as compared to its base model. 

One of the most amazing features of EOS RP is its built-in focus bracketing ability. Beginners can use this mode with ease to capture deep depth shots without even resorting details to narrow or the sharpness reducing apertures such as f/22. Using the interactive menu, you can specify the count if shots between 1 to 999 along with the degree of focus shift desired for every next frame.

Digital Photo Professional 4

After this, you must put the camera on a tripod and start focusing on the starting point. Once the target is adjusted, you can instantly click professional like shots. This camera has the ability to capture image sequence automatically to deliver high-quality shooting performance. The final image from this sequence can be easily created using Digital Photo Professional 4 desktop software supplied by Canon. 

Video Quality:

If we talk about the video capability of Canon EOS RP, you will be happy to know that it is much improved as compared to the 6D Mark II. You can enjoy high-quality 4K recording with this entry-level camera unit that also supports time-lapse mode.

You will be happy to hear that the new image processor works perfectly with DIGIC 8 chip. Although you cannot enjoy 4K p30 or the higher frame rate choices, it works perfectly fine with Full HD video that also supports 60fps. The maximum recording time of this camera is 29:59 for continuous mode, 4K range, and other resolutions as well. Note that, dual pixel CMOS AF doesn’t work for 4K videos as it is limited to contract to detect only; however, Canon EOS RP supports this feature for HD and Full HD video resolutions. 

Another amazing thing to know about this entry-level camera unit is that its 4K videos ensure perfect results with cinema focused frame rate; this feature is more useful for advanced level video shooters.

If as a beginner, you want to enjoy casual shooting experience, it is good to get started with a 1080p range that works perfectly at faster frame rates. It can capture fast-moving subjects with higher clarity while ensuring lesser blurring. 

Autofocus and Performance:

As already discussed, the same as the EOS R model, the Canon EOS RP autofocus system is also supported by Dual Pixel CMOS AF Technology. It also makes use of phase-detection pixels with high-end image sensors. You can expect responsive, and faster-autofocusing experience with its advanced contrast-detect AF system.

Canon has always impressed users with its awesome feature range; Canon EOS RP is another great launch from this brand that can ensure complete satisfaction with its ultimate performance. Its AF system is accurate and quick that allows users to experience exceptional shooting quality. 

The number of AF points supported by Canon EOS RP may appear slightly less, but the AF point coverage for this sensor is almost the same as that of R. Note that, the AF points offered by EOS R were 5,655 whereas the count is limited to 4779 in case of RP. There are total; 143 AF areas in case of EOS RP that are well divided across the complete sensor area. Same as EOS R, the EOS RP AF coverage expands to 100% in case of vertical range and is limited to 88% for horizontal.

One more difference between these two models is their low light limit where EOS RP offers -5EV and EOS R supports -6EV; however, both of them work with the f/1.2 lens.

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You will be happy to hear that both these siblings come with eye-detection AF functionality, but this range is limited to single-shot AF mode in case of R whereas RP allows users to enjoy Eye AF with servo AF mode. It means you can enjoy sharp and crisp portrait shots with this camera. Another amazing feature of Canon EOS RP is single point spot AF that allows users to enjoy critical focusing with smaller AF point settings.

5Fps Range

If you are interested in enjoying continuous shooting, EOS RP can help you to capture the finest details with single-shot AF mode that supports 5fps range. However, by selecting tracking priority ability, you can shoot at the 2.6fps range. The easy to access features of this camera makes it a perfect choice for beginners who want to capture some memories from their day to day life.

The buffer depths of Canon EOS RP are much impressive; especially when this camera is used with UHS-II memory card. The high-speed SD card can help you to enjoy the amazing performance with high-quality images. 

Canon EOS RP Review

Canon EOS RP

Design and Ergonomics:

The overall look of Canon EOS RP is almost similar to EOS R; the matte black finish with angular lines and fine contours make it look perfect. When we talk about the size, this camera unit may appear comparatively smaller in size as compared to EOS R. Beginners love it more due to its thinner body, smaller grip, and handy design.

SD Memory Card

You can easily wrap your hands around this camera unit to capture stable and crisp details. This model allows easy access to the battery compartment, SD card, and ¼-20 tripod socket. 

When we talk about the controls, EOS RP comes with some standard buttons that are easier to access for beginners as well. This entry-level camera unit has rear and front command dials along with a 4-way direction pad at the rear side of the body.

You will find a few dedicated buttons on the rear and top portion of the camera and a high-quality touchscreen display. As compared to EOS R, the secondary OLED display screen is missing in this case, but there is a PASM mode dial that appears much better choice for beginners. You will find it simpler and faster to use. 

LCD Screen

Talking about the rear side of this camera, the controversial touch bar control is missing due to the smaller size of this unit. But the larger LCD screen makes it still a suitable choice to handle routine needs. The compact size of this camera makes it easy to handle to ensure amazing shooting hours.

The overall ergonomics of Canon EOS RP are rated high in terms of build quality and finish as well. The best thing to know about this latest camera unit is the weather sealing that makes it more suitable for frequent travellers. While holding this lightweight and handy camera, you need not to worry about rain and dust.

We must say that there is no complaint about the ergonomics of this camera, most of the users are completely satisfied. You can handle all the control buttons easily with fast movements of thumbs and fingers while operating the camera. 


Most users are happy with its touch functionality that is sharp and clear as well. Canon is always known for designing crisp, bright and glare-resistant screens that allow users to handle the device easily in the bright light as well.

Canon EOS RP touchscreen is designed to serve with accurate, responsive and fast navigation menus. The on-screen menu system of this camera is pretty fine with a well-optimized touch.

The large icons make it a perfect choice for beginners. Even if you are looking for a camera unit to serve your recording and photography needs during travel hours; Canon EOS RP is probably the best choice with its easy to handle control menus. Even beginners can get fully comfortable on this system within a few hours and soon they will start enjoying the optimum performance of this camera unit.  

Electronic Viewfinder:

Another essential feature of Canon EOS RP is its electronic viewfinder. Although it is not as high as EOS R, beginners can feel fully satisfied with its reliable performance. The EVF in this care lies somewhere around the 0.39-inch OLED screen that supports a maximum resolution of 2.36 million dots; however, it was 3.69 million dots on the 0.5-inch OLED screen of EOS R unit. Note that, EVF of Canon EOS RP is not that large, but it ensures flexible service with 0.70x magnification.

The refresh rate of EOS RP is somewhere around 60fps which is much smoother as compared to most other entry-level rivals in the market. Although it consumes more battery power, you can enjoy lag-free, smooth and satisfactory real-time shooting experience.

It is also possible to set EVF to the power saving mode that can easily drop the refresh rate by the considerable range and leads to stuttering and laggy experience. In order to avoid such inconvenience, it is better to switch to the smooth EVF setting. 

Battery Life:

You might be aware of the fact that EOS R was designed to deliver high-quality battery performance with LP-E6N, but EOS RP is loaded with a smaller battery unit that is LP-E17. The sad part is that it is less powerful, but with this smaller unit, the manufacturers have saved much space leading to compact camera design.

250 Shots per charge

The CIPA rating of Canon EOS RP is 250 shots per single charge when you are making use of LCD;. However, it reduces to 210 shots only if you use EVF. In order to improve its performance, you can try power saving EVF mode and ECO LCD mode. Many users reveal that they were able to enjoy 300 shots per single charged by utilizing the battery life more carefully.

Although this battery performance is reliable for the beginners; if you are planning to move out for a long outdoor tour, it is good to invest in a spare battery unit to enjoy the uninterrupted performance. You will be happy to hear that Canon EOS RP also supports USB charging facility that makes it much useful for most buyers. 

Connectivity, storage, and ports:

Same as its predecessor, Canon EOS RP also comes with a single SD card slot but most users at satisfied with this entry-level feature. Note that, the card slot for this new age camera unit is UHS-II compatible; you can expect performance the same as the high-end siblings.

It is already mentioned that EOS RP can be charged through USB port; the connection can be made through a new USB-C terminal, and the great news is that it is a Hi-Speed USB 2.0 port. Other than this, a mini Type C HDMI port with headphone jack and 3.5mm microphone input is also available. It is also possible to connect wired remotes to this camera through a specially designed terminal. 

If you are interested to know about the wireless connectivity features, Canon EOS RP allows easy connections through low energy Bluetooth and Wi-Fi standard as well. When you connect this camera through Wi-Fi, it allows users to operate the device remotely from paired tablet or smartphone.

However, in case of Bluetooth connection, you can enjoy easy Wi-Fi connectivity between various devices. At the same time, this low energy connection allows easier and fast transfer of images between connected gadgets.   

Frame Rate, Shutter Sound, Buffer Depth:

Beginners often feel confused about buffer capacity and frame rate capabilities of a new camera unit. Manufacturers reveal that Canon EOS RP can provide a maximum frame rate of 5 frames per second; it may appear comparatively slow. However, this rate is available with One-Shot AF mode only and ensure great performance when the battery is fully charged.

Other than this, Canon EOS RP is known for its impressive flicker reduction ability, wide-open aperture selection, and higher image stabilization. However, it is important to balance adequately to ensure higher shooting speed. You can use this camera in Servo AF mode that ensures higher speed priority with a reliable frame rate. 

RAW Capture

With a relatively slow frame rate and full-frame image resolution, Canon EOS RP can ensure high-speed performance until the memory card gets fully loaded. In case if you are working with standard SD/slower card, the RAW file capture ability can fill the buffers easily with 130 C-RAW images. You will be happy to hear that this camera unit can capture images for a comparatively longer duration of time. 

Professionals often keep on searching for short shutter lag as it is one of the most important attributes of any camera unit. Note that, Canon EOS RP is capable enough to capture images at higher speed with a 55ms rating that works in single-shot mode. The average x-sync shutter speed for Canon EOS RP is somewhere around 1/180 seconds. You can ensure a noise-free operation with this camera without worrying about lags. 

Metering and Exposure System:

The Canon EOS RP exposure control system is almost the same as that of EOS R. It ensures satisfactory performance with 384 zone metering ability with a range specification of EV -3 – 20. Note that, the metering modes of this entry-level camera unit includes Center-weighted average metering, evaluative, partial metering, and spot metering.

This camera provides +/-3 stops for exposure compensation that vary with ½ or 1/3 stop incremental range. On the other side, the auto exposure bracketing provides impressive results with almost the same number of shots. 

Another great addition to EOS RP is its anti-flicker mode that allows users to avoid flickering lights or the dim cycle during shutter movements. This mode can help you enjoy high-quality photographs even when there are lots of flickering lights, or you are trying to capture fast actions.

Moreover, the maximum shooting speed for the continuous mode is 4fps in the anti-flicker mode. 

Canon EOS RP Review

Canon EOS RP


In this Canon EOS RP review, we have discussed all amazing features of this entry-level camera unit that prove it one of the best choices for most beginners. If you are planning to switch from a smartphone to a Mirrorless camera to capture the beautiful memories from your routine life, the Canon EOS RP camera can provide you best services.

The lightweight and small size of this product make it a centre of attraction among all other rivals in the market. The easy to access features lead to totally impressive image quality and your handy design make it suitable for a comfortable grip.

You can enjoy awesome video capabilities, incredible image stabilization and ultimate focus tracking abilities with this unit. In short, this camera can provide you with optimal image quality with the next generation lenses and perfect integration of features.

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Canon EOS RP is currently available at a reasonable price, and it offers great value for the money. Below you can order this product online to enjoy fast delivery at your doorstep. 

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