5 Free Presets for Lightroom – Download Free Presets

Last Updated on January 23, 2022

5 Free Presets for Lightroom

Want to edit photos fast and professionally? Download free Lightroom presets and makes a deep colour correction to give your ordinary photos a stylish touch in several clicks.

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What are Adobe presets?

A Lightroom preset is a collection of settings created to receive a specific look and feel when editing images. Professional photographers/retouchers/bloggers tend to have different groups of presets for various photography styles (one for portraiture, one for landscapes, etc.)

You may download Free Presets for Lightroom and get a professional edit too. The biggest advantage is that they allow you to adjust the look of a photo instantly, saving you much time on picture editing. Moreover, they are a must-have tool if you do a lot of batch editing.

5 Free Presets for Lightroom - Download Free Presets 1


5 Lightroom Free Presets Offered by FixThePhoto

Download one of the following Lightroom presets for free that are universal and can be used both for wedding, portrait, newborn and landscape, street or travel photography. 


1. Contrast 

Free Presets for Lightroom-01_Portrait_Contrast After



Travel portrait photography usually looks best when they have bright colours and are highly saturated, but it’s hard to achieve such an effect if you take photos with your smartphone.

This free portrait Lightroom preset will satisfy everyone who wants to show off not only the subject but the surrounding landscapes as well. Make your travel and nature photos pop in several clicks. 


2. Brighten 

Free Presets for Lightroom-02_Portrait_Brighten After


Poorly saturated colours and underexposure are common issues that photographers have to deal with. Regardless of how beautiful the photograph is, the lack of brightness will always be noticeable.

This preset will make the photo’s colours brighter, add a bit of contrast, and increase light patches. This free Lightroom preset is especially relevant for images taken with сontre-jour lighting.


3. Darken Contrast 

Free Presets for Lightroom-03_Portrait_Darken After


Finding the perfect time for a photoshoot is very difficult since the sun location and cloudiness have a significant impact on image quality. You’ll often notice strong overexposure on your monitor during image editing even though the image on the camera’s screen looked perfect.

This Darken free Lightroom preset will reduce overexposure and make the photograph more contrast with deeper shadows.

4. Matte Contrast 

Free Presets for Lightroom-04_Portrait_Matte After


A matte effect has been trendy lately and became even more popular with the rise of Instagram’s popularity.

This preset will make the photograph softer, add pastel tones and remove overabundant shadows, brightening the picture as a whole. I recommend applying this effect to street and travel photos.

5. Autumn Contrast 

Free Presets for Lightroom-05_Portrait_Autumn After


Even though this preset is autumn-themed, you can apply it to any photo. It’s great for making the warm tones brighter and more saturated without adding that effect to the entire image (i.e. blue skies remain blue and not yellow).

I use it for portraits with a nature background where warm tones predominate.



Why are Presets So Popular and Useful?

Their main purpose of Lightroom presets is to minimize the time you spend on post-processing photos. If you’ve taken hundreds or thousands of pictures in a single shot you might be inclined to make some similar adjustments to all of them.

Once you’re satisfied with how one photograph looks, you can save the settings and use it with other images. This is a popular practice among wedding/event/travel photographers since they usually spend the most time on image editing.

You can also develop your own photography style and save your settings as a Lightroom Preset. This allows you to use it with all the images you want to be in the same style.

You can’t always predict the results that a preset will give you. If you don’t have a lot of experience editing images, you might benefit from looking through already existing presets. You’ll often be amazed by how breathtaking your photographs will look if you’ll use presets. 


How to Use Presets?

Applying presets for Lightroom is simple and even the base program includes several options made by Adobe. The default presets are located in the Develop menu on the left side of the screen.

The specific presets that are installed on your laptop depending on the version of the program you’ve bought and whether you downloaded any third-party presets.


  • To use free Lightroom presets described above, choose a photograph you want to edit in the Lightroom Develop module.


Lightroom Tutorials-Step by Step1

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  • Move the mouse cursor to the preset list on the “Presets” panel.


Lightroom Tutorials-Step by Step



  • While moving through different presets, you’ll see the changes on the preview screen. It shows how the image will look if you’ll apply the chosen preset. 


Lightroom Tutorials-Step by Step



  • When you’ll find a preset you like, click on it. It will apply the preset to the photo.


Lightroom Tutorials-Step by Step

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  • Once applied, you’ll see the preset settings on the right side of the interface. You can adjust them as you like. That is how presets work. 


Lightroom Tutorials-Step by Step



How to Install Presets?



You need to go through 7 steps to install your presets for Lightroom. This should take less than a minute if you do everything right.

  1. Launch Lightroom
  2. Select: Lightroom (Dialogue) • Preferences • Presets
  3. Click on The Box Named: Show Lightroom Presets Folder
  4. Double Click on Lightroom
  5. Double Click on Develop Presets
  6. Copy the Folder(s) Of The Fine Art Preset Zip Into Develop Presets
  7. Relaunch Lightroom


How to Install Presets on Your Smartphone?



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Since all Adobe software has identical rendering engine bases, Adobe Camera Raw and Lightroom Mobile allow you to preview presets that were made on a computer on iOS and Android devices.

Just follow these steps to enable LR Mobile to recognize them.

  1. Access any Lightroom folder on your PC or laptop. In the Library section, click the “+” on the “Collections” panel located in the bottom left corner. This will add a new collection.
  2. Choose an unedited photograph in the catalogue. I recommend picking one that allows easy viewing of the applied presets.
  3. Move the image to the created collection.
  4. Make virtual copies for the number of presets you plan to use in the Mobile version.
  5. Apply the presets to the created image copies.
  6. Synchronize your collection with your LR app.


How to Create Lightroom Presets?

If you’d rather develop your own presets instead of purchasing them or using the free ones offered by other users, here’s how you can do it:



  • Pick a photograph that you’ll use as the foundation for developing the preset, in the Develop section.


Lightroom Tutorials-Step by Step



  • Edit the image by employing the tools located in the Develop tab.


Lightroom Tutorials-Step by Step

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  • When you’re satisfied with how the photo looks, save those settings as a new Preset. Simply press the “+” sign located at the top of the Presets menu.


Lightroom Tutorials-Step by Step



  • The “New Develop Preset” menu will pop up as you can see below.


Lightroom Tutorials-Step by Step

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  • Type in the Preset’s name and pick a storage Folder. The dropdown menu will provide you with a list of all the folders you can see in the Presets panel.


Lightroom Tutorials-Step by Step



  • Press “Create” to get your own New Preset.


Lightroom Tutorials-Step by Step


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If you’re only doing this for the first time, the “New Develop Preset” window can lead to some confusion since it has a lot of information. Even though there are loads of tick boxes, it isn’t as scary as it seems.

Each box corresponds to certain settings in the Develop module. For instance, “Basic Tone” refers to the Basic section in LR. You can also recognize some settings like Exposure or Contrast.

Adding or removing a tick signifies if the preset will include that particular setting. If you don’t need to save some adjustments just check the box to remove it.

Later, you can do some experimentation by turning on specific parts of the adjustments, enabling you to apply Presets in layers.

Free Presets for Lightroom


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