Online Photography Courses

We have decided to put all the Online Photography Courses together on one page. You can find courses in photography basics, tips and techniques, landscapes, flowers, portraits, photoshop, lighting, composition and much more. I’ll be updating this list of resources from time to time when I come across new courses, so be sure to check back soon.

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30 Tips & Techniques For Portrait Photography

In Neil Creek’s portrait photography guide, you’ll learn 30 quick tips for improving your portraits. This is a guide aimed at beginning photographers who want to learn how to improve their portraits with these portrait photography techniques

30 Tips & Techniques For Portrait Photography

Portrait photography can be very difficult, especially if you’re shooting photos with someone who isn’t a professional model.

The Guide To Stunning Digital Photography

The Guide To Stunning Digital Photography

In this digital photography guide, beginner photographers will master:

  • Using composition to take great photos with any camera
  • Adjusting exposure to control the brightness of your photos
  • Setting your shutter speed to freeze action or blur motion
  • Controlling your aperture to blur or focus the background
  • Setting your ISO for bright and dark environments
  • Finding beautiful natural light for landscapes and portraits
  • Using flash without the ugly effects
  • Troubleshooting blurry, dark, and bad pictures & more
  • Posing men and women, with checklists
  • Taking candid, casual, formal, and underwater portraits
  • Using RAW files
  • Using HDR to overcome lighting challenges or create art
  • Macro/close-up photography
  • Using diffusers, reflectors, and other light modifiers
  • Remotely triggering multiple flashes for inexpensive studio lighting
  • Building a permanent studio in your home & more.
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The Complete FroKnowsPhoto 6-Hour
Guide to Shooting Video

The FroKnowsPhoto Guide to Shooting VideoIntroducing… the ultimate guide to unlocking the hidden power of your DSLR so you can start shooting high-quality video in the next few days:

With this brand new video guide, you’ll: Click Here!

The Complete FroKnowsPhoto 6-Hour Guide to Shooting Video

  • Be able to shoot any type of video with your DSLR, micro 4/3’s, or mirrorless camera
  • Instantly make more money with your DSLR by adding an in-demand and high-value skill to your arsenal
  • Learn the video production secrets of an award-winning filmmaker and photographer so you can start shooting high-quality video faster than you ever thought possible
  • Easily shoot, direct, produce, and edit videos on your own without a crew or any extra help
  • Create breathtaking videos, even if you have an entry-level camera and no expensive equipment (even if you’re on a shoestring budget, you can do everything we teach)
  • Create dynamic scenes, tell inspiring stories, and capture high-quality video