10 Awesome Free HDR Lightroom Presets to Instantly Add Drama

Last Updated on January 23, 2022

10 Awesome Free Lightroom Presets to instantly add drama to your photos

In these times of Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, every person is obsessed with their photos. People love to get their pictures clicked and want more and more of them. There were times when the reel camera would click an image, and you will have to keep it the way it is. But with the rapid growth in technology, now you can edit the pictures to your style. 

HDR Lightroom Presets

10 Awesome HDR Lightroom Presets to Instantly add Drama to your Photos


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A professional photographer who clicks hundreds of photos in a day knows how much time and energy is needed for the editing process. So nowadays, most of the photographers make use of HDR Lightroom Presets for their photos.

Lightroom presets have pre-applied settings for various environments and can be instantly applied to a picture.


The Ten Most Amazing HDR Lightroom Presets Are Mentioned Below

Free Presets

  • Soft Hard Vignette 

10 Awesome HDR Lightroom Presets to Instantly add Drama to your Photos

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This beautiful preset is merely amazing. If you want to darken your edges and put a focus on the centre of the image, then go for it. This preset is usually applied to portraits when you want the centre of the image to stand out. 

  • Landscape

10 Awesome Lightroom Presets to Instantly add Drama to your Photos

If you love to click pictures of nature and gorgeous landscapes, this is the preset you should use. It adds depth to a picture and also fills it with natural colours. As the name suggests, this is mostly used in landscape photography. 

Used often in travel photography, coated matte preset gives your pictures an excellent hip look. Matte is the current trend, and people love to provide a matte shade to their images. The preset gives the pictures a classy look by balancing the colours and applying pre-fixed settings on them.



  • Black And White Medium

10 Awesome Lightroom Presets to Instantly add Drama to your Photos

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It is one of the best known HDR Lightroom Presets of all time. If you have captured some great clicks of the objects and want your viewers to focus on the objects and not the colours, then use this preset. It is best to mute the colours and give an old classic look to the pictures.

  • Retro

The preset is well known to give the pictures a vintage look. It is applied in sports or action photography, where the emphasis is more on the object and the scene. Also, if you are an adventure freak, then this preset will be perfect for capturing your adventurous activities. 

  • Film

10 Awesome HDR Lightroom Presets to Instantly add Drama to your Photos

This expressive and straightforward HDR Lightroom Preset is made specially considering the cinematic styles of photography. If you are a movie lover and love posing as your favourite stars or like recreating the movie scenes, use this preset. It will give you the results that will blow your mind.

  • Vibrant

Virant preset is pretty basic yet stylish at the same time. It makes the image colourful and bright. If you are clicking pictures on a beautiful sunny day or are at a children’s party, make sure to use this preset. It will provide you with fabulous results and will create some great memorable moments for everybody.

  • Cold


Cold preset, as the name suggests, will add a wintery effect to your pictures. This type of filter is best to use in HDR Photography styles. This will make the images look more appealing by adjusting the saturation of the photo taken.


  • Warm

10 Awesome FREE Lightroom Presets to Instantly add Drama to your Photos

Warm filters are used if you want to give the pictures more composure and a crisp effect. The details shown under this filter is higher. People who are in modelling photography make the most use of it. Although with options, changes in the settings can be made of this preset.

  • Sepia


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This HDR Lightroom Preset will add drama to your photos. If you are a night person and love to go and click pictures in the night, then you can use this filter. It will help the photos to get a dramatic look which will add a great level of beauty to your work. 


HDR Presets for Social Media

Using these HDR Lightroom Presets can help you easily create elegant and astonishing pictures in no time. To bring a new life to your social media accounts, you should experiment with each of these presets. So don’t worry about spending hours of work in beautifying your pictures by editing them. Make more and more use of these presets and post gorgeous and ravishing images on your profile. Cheers!


After using this HDR Lightroom Presets, we will be more than happy to hear from you by submitting your photos, and they will be published here.