Mirrorless Cameras Systems Are Here To Stay

Last Updated on January 23, 2022

Mirrorless Cameras Are Here To Stay

From simple social skills to conceptualisation, many important things come into play when we think regarding photography. One of them, of course, is the required equipment for capturing light in the form of a static image.

And even when there is no way you can make a photograph without a camera, it shouldn’t be your top one priority ever, because the thing that should drive your eyes, heart and soul, should be the meaning and the purpose of your photographs, and nothing else.

Mirrorless Cameras Systems Are Here To Stay

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Said that I feel comfortable talking about gear now. If you are still wondering which camera you should buy, and are getting highly tempted by DSLR cameras, then you should consider investing in a mirrorless camera system instead, and here are some excellent reasons why you should do it so:

History Have Taught Us Right

Let’s talk a bit about history, first, when photography became an actual thing, painters said that it wouldn’t last, and they were wrong.

What happened to the painting was that it became more expressive and creative, which is a good thing as well. 

Mirrorless Cameras Systems Are Here To Stay

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Large format cameras where the standard back in the old days, and after a while medium format arrived. Even though the medium format was a new thing, it wasn’t as underseen as the 35mm was.

Yup, our beloved full-frame format, was seen as a very less valuable format; it was even called to be a “mere post stamp” compared to real plates and medium format negatives.

When digital photography arrived, purists said that it was never going to be as good as film, and well, I must say that today’s photo quality is mind-blowing indeed.

Now we have mirrorless camera systems, and people are so reluctant to change that they keep defending DSLR systems as the best thing when it comes to cameras and photography. 

But why this time things should be different if history has proven us right that innovation arrives to stay? I don’t know, but many people still think that mirrorless camera systems are something that won’t last, and I am sure that they are very wrong.

Mirrorless Cameras Systems Are Here To Stay

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Mirrorless Cameras Systems: They Are Reliable

At first mirrorless camera systems weren’t as reliable as they are today, I get it. But nowadays they are incredibly reliable, especially in dynamic ranges.

Perhaps in the battery, they are still a little bit greedy, but that can be resolved by buying a couple of extra battery packs and by turning the live mode off on them.

Also, you can turn the LCD screen off, but frankly, that could be very uncomfortable with some photographers.

Mirrorless Cameras Systems Are Here To Stay

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They Are Light Efficient

Mirrorless camera systems are smaller in size because they have less mechanical components. Chunky things like pentaprisms, flipping mirrors, and even the shutter curtains are long gone with mirrorless cameras.

This supposes a shorter gap between the lens and the sensor.

Thanks to the proximity lenses have with the sensor; light gets less chance of getting refracted as it happens inside DSLRs mirror chamber.

That has a significant impact on image quality as well, and that is a feature that all mirrorless camera have, even the cheapest ones.

Mirrorless Cameras Systems Are Here To Stay

They are Very Lightweight

This one is pretty obvious; indeed, the mirrorless camera is small, inconspicuous and of course, lightweight.

Some photographers like to feel that they have a big camera in their hands, and well, that could be right if that makes them do better images.

The truth is that carrying a huge piece of gear for several hours can be exhausting. 

Mirrorless Cameras Systems Are Here To Stay

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Mirrorless Cameras Systems: They Can Fit a Lot of Lenses

A broad variety of vintage lenses can be attached to mirrorless cameras, especially after the appearance of highly techy adapters like the Metabones.

These bad boys are expensive indeed, but when put in perspective, are quite a fair investment if you want to migrate from DSLR to a Mirrorless system.

This is important because this is perhaps one of the main reason why so many photographers are sticking to DSLR systems, because they have invested some serious money in their lenses, but with these adapters, that shouldn’t be an excuse any more.

Mirrorless Cameras Systems Are Here To Stay

Unfortunately, many photographers have invested in one of both highly popular brands Canon or Nikon, and the brands that made a huge breakthrough in terms of mirrorless camera systems are not exactly them but Sony, Fujifilm and Olympus.

Even though, some of them have made the important decision of changing their entire systems, before it’s too late.

Therefore, if you haven’t made a serious investment in DSLR gear (or you haven’t invested in them at all), then you should consider investing in a mirrorless camera system.

Whatever you do, don’t forget to have fun and to take photographs with purpose and meaning.

Author Bio/ Federico Alegría is a Photography Writer, Educator and Street Photographer based in El Salvador. Check his portfolio here.

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