How to Take Baby Photos – Photoshoot Home Ideas

Last Updated on January 23, 2022

Baby Photoshoot Home Ideas

Baby Photo Tips

One of the most memorable and happiest moments of a married couple after their wedding is when they have their first baby. A newborn brings a new sort of happiness to their married life. This happiness cannot be measured with any instrument, and it always keeps increasing with the age of their baby.

Baby Photoshoot Home Ideas

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No, preserve this moment of their first newborn they capture photographs of the baby. Baby photography has become quite popular these days. All parents want their child to see their baby portraits when they grow up. They want to show their child how much happy they were when they were born.

Memorable Images

To capture such memorable photos of the newborn, these parents hire photographers for a baby photoshoot session. Some photographers who are new to this kind of photography struggle a bit to capture pictures which look memorable and beautiful.

To help such a newbie, I have collected some fantastic baby photography tips which are suggested by professional photographers. So without stretching the topic, let’s start the tips. These tips will surely help you make your clients happy, and they’ll refer you more clients.

Baby Photoshoot Home Ideas

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Setup the studio in the baby’s home

Newborns will obviously look all the more energetic and pleasurable in a situation that they know about, so as opposed to getting them into a professional studio, set up your work studio in their home itself.

Search out the place and get loads of cushions, pads, covers and set them facing a window, on the dining table or close to the comfortable corner of the home or even the bed. Make sure soft light falls on them. This will brighten up the skin tone of the baby.

Use natural light

Natural light is crucial for capturing images that are sharp and has bright colours. Using natural light white light will soften the skin of the baby, and it will make the skin tone more vivid.

Softness on the image will make it look memorable. Place the baby near the window and use cushions and blankets for a good composition. Then use the natural white light to capture baby portraits that look outstanding.

Make sure you capture photographers in the morning and not in the day. Morning natural light is softer and gives more vibrant colours. Light during the day is harsh and may also cause harm to the delicate baby skin.

Baby Photoshoot Home Photography Ideas

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Select a perfect background

Backdrops add a new sort of attractiveness to the baby picture. A backdrop tells a lot about the baby and its moods. Some people can identify whether the baby is a boy or a girl from the backdrop colours. Suppose you’ve used a pink backdrop it would mean that the baby is a girl and if blue then a boy.

Therefore a backdrop is pretty much important for baby portraits. If you take infant photographs consistently, having a couple of colourful backdrops available is an extraordinary thought.

You can utilise plain or finished hues in excellent pastels. Have a light blue for a boy and pink for girls. Likewise have some other neutral backgrounds like cream, yellow, or chocolate, to offer the clients more choices.

Try a unique perspective

Being unique while capturing a baby photograph keeps you one step ahead from other baby photographers. You may have seen lots of babies poses on many photographers’ portfolios, but one thing you should have noticed that the photographer who has used a different angle for baby photography has been the most successful one.

Therefore try to capture the baby photos from a different perspective and make it as unique and attractive as possible. Clients love such amazing images of their newborn.

Baby Photoshoot Home Ideas

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Capture small details of the baby

Draw near the baby or utilise that long-range camera lens to catch little details of the baby. Take photographs of the child’s tiny little fingers and toes, or possibly those long eyelashes. In case you’re lucky, you may even discover the child grinning in their rest.

The child’s parents couldn’t want anything more than to have photographs that show exactly how little their infant’s feet and hands were at the time they were born, so you might need to fuse a few props for size correlation.

Focus on the Baby

In the photography of a baby or newborn, it is evident that it is the star of the show. So a photographer should always put more focus on the baby. To focus, it is important to use a narrow or small depth of field. It means that the aperture value should be around f/2.8 a small aperture would create a good amount of depth of field effect.

This effect will blur the portion, which is further from the focal point. Keep the focal point on the face of the baby. This will blur out the background and will focus only on the baby. These types of images are much loved by parents. The reason is that it focuses only on their little infant.

Baby Photoshoot Home Photography Ideas

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Bring their parents on the frame

Parents also deserve a credit to be in the frame of their baby photoshoot. It is because of their love that the baby came in this world. Include parents in the frame of the baby photos.

Capture photos of the parents holding the baby and adoring them. These photographs become the most important ones of the Photo wall of their home. So give the baby’s parents the freedom to take part in these photography sessions.

Use some props

Stuffed toys, delicate fans, child blankets and different baby photography props will help give more components in the photography composition. You can likewise utilise colourful flowers, cute little baby garments, and other decorative items or accessories for the photoshoot.

Putting a king crown on the child’s head, setting a tie freely around the infant, all work as adorable, inventive props that bring out beautiful, pure photographs of the baby. Simply make sure you don’t make use of every one of the props at the same time, as you need to keep it uncomplicated and not occupy the focus from the baby.

Baby Photoshoot Home Photography Ideas

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Baby Photoshoot and Lightroom Editing

I would like to state some tips. I didn’t tell you about. One of it is that use photo editing software like Lightroom and apply filters that makes the baby photograph look more beautiful and worth remembering.

Another thing is that be gentle while changing the poses of the baby as they are very much soft and may get hurt.

Practice some shots before starting the shoot to set up the light then and adequately, start capturing baby photographs using the tips provided above.

Home Ideas Video

In this DIY baby photoshoot home ideas, I show you step by step tutorial on creating four quick and easy setups for fantastic baby photos. These ideas for baby photoshoot require very basic props which can be easily found at home.

By – Slick and Natty

In this video, I show you four ideas for a baby photoshoot at home. With babies, two things are certain:

1 – They are irresistibly cute.
2 – They grow insanely fast, and before you know it.

Capturing those ephemeral, adorable moments is something you can cherish forever, and you don’t even have to go to an expensive photography studio to get professional-looking shots.

I hope you’ll like these baby photos ideas and this will help you take great photos of your newborn baby at home, without having to spend a lot of money on getting a professional photoshoot done.


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Top Tips Baby Photoshoot Photography Ideas

  • Parents must stay in sight. Parents should never be out of view of the child.
  • One voice at a time. During a photo session, only one person at a time should speak to the child, too many voices can be confusing.
  • All children need some stimulation to get a good expression.
  • Safety First. With small children or infants, safety is always the first consideration. The child should be positioned on the floor or ground, with pillows or soft supports nearby. The parent should be close by, and the child should never be left unattended.
  • It is important to let children do what comes naturally. Amuse them, be silly, offer them a toy or something that attracts their attention.
  • Generate a smile, but don’t ask them to smile. You will probably not get what you want.