GrooveKart Vs. Shopify: Everyone is Switching In 2022

Last Updated on February 2, 2022

GrooveKart Vs. Shopify

Are you interested in setting up an online store? Probably some technical difficulties are holding you back.

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Setting up a brick-and-mortar store is easier; you have to identify the best location and start selling products at a rented or personally owned store. But when you want to target an audience online, you have to deal with several technical aspects.

Well, the great news is that some creative software developers have launched advanced tools to help you take your business online. There is no need to learn coding to create your store online; you can make the platform ready by using simple drag and drop tools.

Get Started With GrooveKart – The Shopify Killer

GrooveKart vs Shopify review

Even if you have the least idea about running a business online, advanced tools can help you better.

There are a large number of tools available that can help you build a store online. However, choosing the best one can be a little difficult for beginners. Here are GrooveKart vs Shopify reviews.

For the past several years, people are following Shopify for setting up an online Dropshipping business. It is loaded with plenty of unique features that can ease the store building process.

But the developers now have launched many other competitors that can reduce the process for merchants interested in selling online.

One of the most advanced solutions is GrooveKart from the GrooveDigital platform aka GrooveFunnels.
Those who are a little confused about which one of these online store builders should choose to set up an eCommerce store are advised to go through the detailed review.

Here we will compare both these tools while highlighting their potential features, pros, and cons. This information may help you to make a definite decision about taking your business online.

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GrooveKart Vs. Shopify: Overview

First of all, let us go through the necessary details or introduction of both these software platforms to develop a clear understanding of what they are. 

What is Shopify?

Shopify is one of the most engaging eCommerce platforms used by millions of business owners online. For the past several years, it has been a top choice of many celebrities such as Logan Paul, Jake Paul, Kanye West, Cristiano Ronaldo, and many more.

The biggest reason behind preferring Shopify over other existing competitors such as Magento and WooCommerce is that it is easy to use.

When you decide to work on Shopify, there is no need to hire experts to set up your store online; instead, it can help you create and manage your store yourself.

GrooveKart Vs. Shopify

There is no need to learn specific coding languages; the simple content layout makes it easier to set up things online. All that you need is an internet connection and a computer.

Shopify is available with multiple pricing plans, and you can also choose a custom option to meet your unique needs. The three commonly available options are $29, $79, and $299. and yet it may cost you upwards of $800 per month because of the many apps that you need to sell online.

Beginners can even start with a 14-days free trial to explore the basic features and decide whether they wish to continue with the same platform or not.

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What is GrooveKart?

There are three things that most people like about Shopify: ease of use, high converting layout, and fast page loading speed.

But what if you get all these three features along with a few advanced perks. GrooveKart is here to offer you many unique features without even paying a considerable amount.

GrooveKart Vs. Shopify

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Once you start exploring the unique tools and features on the GrooveKart platform, you will never look back to any other online store builder.

This latest tool is known for simplifying the online store creation process, and the best part is that it has everything built-in.

It means users need not pay for other apps or mess with the integration process. GrooveKart makes everything possible at a low cost.

Some of you might be using ClickFunnels for page or funnel building to ensure a higher conversion rate. But the great news is that with GrooveKart, you can also access a free page builder- GrooveFunnels, GrooveMail, and GrooveVideo. It can assist you in creating beautiful and high-converting landing pages with ease.

GrooveKart Vs. Shopify

GrooveKart Vs. Shopify: Features

There are so many interesting features loaded over these platforms; however, we have listed the most important ones here.

Incredible Features of Shopify:

There is no doubt to say that Shopify introduces some cheaper ways to sell online. It comes with several Lite and fully functional pricing plans that you can choose as per your unique needs. Here we have listed a few essential features of Shopify to help you go through its usability:

  • Handling payments: When you start selling online using Shopify, you may need some reliable solution to accept payments. Shopify makes the process pretty straightforward by accepting credit card-based payments. 
  • The payment gateway is secure and convenient to use. Shopify also allows merchants to accept multiple currencies from different parts of the world. 


  • Multiple themes: You want to stand ahead of competitors online, and to achieve this target, you need to create a beautiful store. Well, Shopify can help you get nine free templates to set up eCommerce stores. These templates are easier to customize to get an attractive appeal for the store. 
  • Other than this, you can gain access to many paid or premium templates also to create a fully responsive store. 
  • User-friendly interface: Shopify is designed to work with an intuitive user interface and a current content management system. It can help you manage various sales channels online via messenger, Facebook, online store, Amazon, Instagram, and direct buy button. 
  • Content layout: The development platform is a little old fashioned, without any drag and drop feature. It means this tool may not give you higher flexibility during the website building process.


  • Product images: Shopify makes it easier to upload photos on the website with different aspect ratios. They will not be cropped automatically to fill your catalogs with the desired appearance of products on images. Moreover, the clean and user-friendly layout offers an easy learning curve for the users. 
  • Point of sale: One fantastic feature of Shopify is its comprehensive Point of Sale solution. This hardware allows users to sell products online as well as offline using Android and iOS devices. You can pick different types of hardware as per your specific needs; the list includes receipt printers, tills, and barcode readers. 


  • Import-export: Shopify allows users to import data using CSV files so that you can handle bulk uploads with ease. If you wish to get some data from blogging platforms such as WordPress, Tumblr, etc. you can either use Shopify API or simply copy and paste the content at the desired location. Exporting is also possible through a CSV file, and one can also integrate some third-party apps to ease the process. 
  • Product variants: Shopify makes it easier to create more than hundreds of different single product variants online. You can add details about unique style, size, and colors with ease. It offers a flexible approach for enhanced functionality. The product categories and collections can also be highlighted to serve audience interests. 
  • Shipping options: With Shopify, you can pick various flexible shipping options such as flat rates, free shipping, price-based rates, calculated shipping rates, and weight-based rates. You can choose the most reliable shipping rates as per the zone requirements. Alternatively, it is also possible to add some third-party apps to calculate shipping rates, etc.

Cart & SEO

  • Abandoned cart recovery: Abandoned cart recovery assists merchants to boost higher conversion rates online. When some customers leave their cart in the middle, this feature can set up a follow-up routine to motivate them to complete the purchase online. This feature is available with all Shopify platform; hence, you can better control your store’s customer activities.
  • SEO on Shopify: Shopify is also rated high for its SEO feature that can help you achieve a great reputation online. The features are easier to manage by just changing meta descriptions, alt text, titles, and headings, etc. The platform keeps on promoting from time to time to make pages more useful and responsive online. 
  • App store: Other than this, the Shopify app store makes it easier for the owners to access free and paid apps. These apps can help you enhance the functionality of your store while handling custom fields more creatively. 

Incredible Features of GrooveKart:

You have already gone through the long list of features available on the Shopify platform. It is time to explore the advancements in GrooveKart that can ease the process of setting up a store online. 

GrooveKart Vs. Shopify

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  • Easy switching: The first most important thing to know about GrooveKart is that it allows convenient switching from Shopify to GrooveKart. It means if you have already developed your store using Shopify and are now interested in shifting to GrooveKart, the process can be completed just with few clicks on the page. 
  • Click and sell: There is no need to obtain extensive coding knowledge to set up your business online. GrooveKart comes with a unique and easy to handle user interface that can allow you to set up your selling platform just within few minutes. You can adjust product appearance, descriptions, reviews, and images online. 

Plug in Play

  • Plug and play: The biggest reason behind following GrooveKart over many other competitors online is that this software comes with an easy interface. The navigation process is much easier, and the store can be set up without taking help from experienced developers. 
  • Unlimited upsells: In order to boost the conversion rates on your online store, you can take help from plenty of upsells available on this platform. There is no need to pay additional money to access those upsells. 

Page Builder

  • GrooveKart Studio: Here is another fantastic feature of GrooveKart. It can help you customize your store online with a creative page builder and plenty of product design tools. The drag and drop features make it easier to add layers to the store so that you can capture the attention of buyers. The GK AliConnect and Print on Demand Apparel features cab help you to automate the shipping process. 
  • Built-in help: Users can access lots of integrations on the GrooveKart platform without requiring any app download. The developers have designed an easy to access help desk online where merchants can avail instant assistance from experts. 


  • Payment methods: Most of the eCommerce builder platforms charge a hefty amount to handle every transaction online. But when you start using GrooveKart, there is no need to share your profits with anyone. You can manage all your payments through Stripe, PayPal, and as GrooveKart offers easy support to them.
  • Login process: The login process is pretty simple and straightforward over the GrooveKart platform. It can help you to make payment via an email link. Once the payment is made, you can log in via the provided credentials to start building your store. 
GrooveKart Vs. Shopify

30 Days Trial

  • Money-back guarantee: GrooveKart also provides a 100% money-back guarantee for 30 days. As soon as you start accessing the licensed version of the software, the guarantee period starts, and it can help you explore all available features with more confidence. 
  • Premade designs: This powerful eCommerce builder is loaded with plenty of features that can be accessed to customize the store online. The drag and drop tools make it easier to handle the entire process. The developers have added more than 300+ pre-made designs to this platform to help you get premium appeal with ease. 


  • Support service: You can trust the experienced and highly professional support team of GrooveKart. They are ready to assist store developers via a handy customer support section. The FAQ section is available to answer repeated queries of the users. However, you can also contact them via emails to solve specific problems. 
  • Training videos: The developers on GrooveKart are ready to offer a great learning curve to the users with plenty of training videos online. As this platform is loaded with plenty of advanced features and functionalities, the training material can help you make the best of it. 
Groove Digital Marketing Platform
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GrooveKart Standalone or GrooveFunnels All Suite

  • GrooveKart comes standalone or part of 17+ apps marketing platform. You have the unique possibility to acquire the entire platform for a LifeTime offer.
  • GrooveKart, GrooveFunnels, GroovePages, GrooveMail, GrooveMembers, GrooveSell, GrooveBlog, GrooveDesk, GrooveCalendar, GrooveSurvey, GrooveQuizes, GrooveWebinars – as you can see, this is everything you need for your e-Commerce Store. 
  • You have the chance to have access to them forever with the mega lifetime offer.
  • That $800/monthly from Shopify can pay you for an entire year of GrooveKart. If you are using the 50% coupon, you are definitely a winner.

Get Started With GrooveKart – The Shopify Killer

Final Verdict: 

Now you have gone through extensive details of the Shopify and Groove platform. There is no doubt to say that GrooveKart is loaded with plenty of features. 

GrooveKart Vs. Shopify

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Still, you cannot sustain without the support of advanced technologies in today’s competitive world. GrooveKart can help you build an impression online with its interactive design solution, easy integration to other Groove solutions, and affordable plans.

You can get GrooveKart for FREE just by signing up to Groove.

Also, you can see more in-depth features on this review video.