Concert Photography Tips

Concert Photography Tips

What are the best gear for concert photography?


Concert Photography Tips answers the most common question I get asked – what equipment should people be buying to see the biggest difference in their concert photography work?

By – Photography Tips For A Beginner

Any lens that can open to an f-stop between 1.4 and 2.8 will let in much more light and make things easier for you when shooting at a venue that doesn’t have a huge lighting setup.

These lenses are often more expensive, but both Canon and Nikon have cheap lenses with an aperture of 1.8. They are both 50mm lenses which can make things a little tight in some venues, but they are great starting lenses for live music photography.

As you shoot more and have more money to spend, look at the Canon 24-70mm – 2.8 lens or Sigma’s Art Series of lenses, which are all open to around an aperture of 1.4.

There really isn’t one lens that will do everything you need, but investing in even a cheap, wide aperture lens will make a huge difference in the photos you take and reduce the amount of time editing in Lightroom or Photoshop.”

1 – Photo was taken with a Canon 24-70mm lens f/2.8.

2 – Photo was taken with a Sigma 35mm Art lens f/1.4.

3 – Photo was taken with a Canon 50mm lens f/1.2.

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