Choosing the right camera strap

Camera Strap

Wrist or body straps are popular options instead of neck straps.

Quick tips on how to choose the right camera strap for you.

The ideal scenario would be to hold and try out each camera strap before making your decision. However, it’s uncommon for camera stores to stock more than a couple of different camera straps at a time.

Here’s what I suggest you do to help you choose:

  • Think of the type of usage you require for the camera strap.
  •  Many photographers have multiple straps and change them to suit the shoot.
  • Consider the clothes you wear and what strap would compliment them.
  • Plan your budget.

These come in different lengths, widths, thickness and material, so you have plenty of options. However, bigger or wider is not always better, because this can make you sweat or even pull on your neck. Go for straps that are the medium width, preferably an inch and half wide. Consider selecting options that have great breathability so that they can allow heat to escape from your neck…

The large selection of camera straps on the market can make choosing one very difficult. Camera straps need to be made well because they have a very important job and that is to hold your camera securely when your hands are not on it. You don’t want your valuable camera hitting the ground because of a cheaply made camera strap broke… Read More:

Wrist strap

Your camera should come with a strap that you’ll need to attach to the camera by looping it through a small hole and securing it. It’s a good idea to make a habit of putting the strap around your wrist when you are taking handheld photographs in busy surroundings, in case the camera slips out of your hands.


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