Canon EOS 200D/Rebel SL2 Review

Last Updated on January 23, 2022

Canon Rebel SL2/EOS 200D

Canon 200D/Rebel SL2 is ranked on the top in the list of lightest DSLR cameras all over the world. It has 24-megapixel dual pixel CMOS AF that offers fastest Live View Focusing ability with easy to handle the vari-angle touchscreen.

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Further, it has nine autofocus points, 63 zone metering sensors and a wide ISO range that varies between ISO 100 and ISO 25,600 that is also expandable up to 51,200.

The guided user interface makes it much suitable for beginners, whereas DIGIC 7 processor assists in fast processing. You can also enjoy 5fps continuous shooting with this camera, and the captured images can be further shared using Wi-Fi, NFC, and Bluetooth.

The video mode of Canon 200d/Rebel SL2 is restricted to 1080p full HD mode only where frame rate can be adjusted anywhere between 24, 25, 30, 50 and 60 fps. This camera unit also offers full control over gain and exposure.

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Camera User Manual Guide – EOS Rebel SL2

Download the camera user guide here.


  • Lightweight and compact design.
  • JPEG images can be produced with saturated and smooth colours.
  • RAW image quality is satisfactory with deep details.
  • Impressive dual pixel type AF system.
  • It offers reliable performance for subject tracking in movie mode and Live View mode.
  • Well designed LCD that offers efficient control ability.
  • Specially designed feature assistance for beginners.
  • Solid wireless sharing abilities with Bluetooth and NFC.
  • Allows external mic connectivity.
  • Available in three attractive colours: silver & tan, white and black.
  • Specifications in details follow the link.


  • Demands some improvement for dynamic range.
  • The autofocus system is limited to 9 points.
  • The optical viewfinder has a small range.
  • It does not have camera raw conversion ability.
  • Do not support USB charging ability.

Canon 200d/Rebel SL2 Review

Canon 200d/Rebel SL2 appears slightly bigger than its predecessor with an overall weight of 453 grams and 122.4×92.6×69.8mm dimension.

It is rated as the world’s smallest camera unit with easy to handle the vari-angle screen. You can comfortably hold it between your fingers while maintaining easy access to all control functions.

The build quality of Canon 200d/Rebel SL2 is definitely high with a durable and solid feel. It has a small optical viewfinder, but it works efficiently with the fully articulating LCD. You will be happy to hear that it also supports selfie mode where users can also adjust the background aperture to improve quality.

Beginners find it quite easier to handle with feature assistant that can help to learn all basic functions in lesser time. In case if you prefer to use Scene Intelligent Auto Mode, it is possible to set touchscreen display into two different modes as the flash mode and drive mode.

SL2/EOS 200D Review

It becomes quite easier to share captured images via Wi-Fi connectivity. Also, the NFC and Bluetooth connections allow fast pairing abilities between camera and smartphone. As Wi-Fi mode consumes more power for sharing content, you can switch to the other two options for low power performance.

You can control most of the features of this camera from your mobile phone via a wireless connection. The great news is that while supporting wireless image sharing ability, it also allows easy tagging based on GPS location tracking ability.

The focus quality of Canon 200d/Rebel SL2 completely depends upon whether you are using LCD or viewfinder. In case of Viewfinder, this camera works with 9 point AF system that is responsive enough to ensure better focus for subjects, but in case if you think of capturing a moving subject in the frame, you may feel disappointed.

The burst shooting mode supports 5fps frame rate, but if you switch to continuous AF, it will immediately drop to 3.5fps.

EOS Rebel SL2

Canon EOS 200D/Rebel SL2 Review

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Photos captured from Canon 200d/Rebel SL2 have impressive colours with satisfactory ISO noise performance. This camera unit is good for RAW image processing and JPEG collections as well.

In case of videos, you will get reliable performance but may find some difficulty to handle controls. It allows users to record videos with 1080p resolution at 60p while working with manual exposure controls.

The battery life of Canon 200d/Rebel SL2 can be rated mediocre as it can support only 650 shots with full charging. However, if you try to use it with Wi-Fi, the performance will be automatically decayed.

With the Live view mode, the battery life falls to 260 shots so if you are planning to carry this camera for extended shooting; it is good to pack few extra batteries to ensure long hour performance.

Good For

Those who are looking for easy to use and portable DSLR camera with interchangeable lens will find Canon 200/SL2 suitable for their needs. It allows users to capture impressive details with an optical viewfinder. Further, the easy sharing abilities make it highly suitable for travellers who want to stay in touch with their friends on social media.

Bad For

Canon 200d/Rebel SL2 cannot serve you better if you are planning to capture moving objects as results will get faded with the poor colour distribution. It means this camera cannot work for wildlife shooters and sports activities. Also, it does not support 4K video recording so you cannot expect many satisfactory results for videos.

The Verdict

If you want to sharpen your DSLR photography skills, Canon EOS Rebel SL2 can offer you better results with its efficient controls and feature-rich design. The deeper handgrip, vari-angle LCD screen, Bluetooth connectivity and advanced autofocusing system makes this camera suitable for entry-level and intermediate photographers.

The 24MP CMOS sensor works with wide ISO range while maintaining low noise performance. Although its video ability is restricted to 1080p, this camera unit is suitable for most beginners. Canon SL2 is currently available in three different colours as Silver & Tan, White, and Black.

If you are planning to invest in an entry-level DSLR camera, Canon 200d/Rebel SL2 is definitely a great choice. It will allow you to share impressive content on Facebook, Instagram, and other popular social media networks.

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