Best Lenses For DSLR of 2017

Best Lenses For DSLR of 2017

I’m going to go through some of the Best Cheap Lenses For DSLR’s so you can decide which one you will be best for you.

By- Chris Winter

So in terms of cheap lenses, you’re actually in luck because there are plenty of affordable quality lenses under around about $300. “The first lens that I’d recommend if you don’t have it already is the 18-55mm lens.

Both Canon and Nikon offer these and their normally called a kit lens. “Now their’ not the absolute best image quality, but they do have a pretty wide zoom range so it’ll allow to learn what your favourite focal length is. Next up one of the most popular lenses you can get is the 50mm 1.8. Or the nifty 50.

These come in at around $120 and will really allow you to get a really shallow depth of field or bokeh, which is great for portraits. One lens that you might also like to look at is the Yongnuo 35mm.

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