5 Videos How To Photograph Flowers

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5 Videos How To Photograph Flowers

 FLOWER PHOTOGRAPHY TIPS – Using Shallow Depth Of Field

In this photography tutorial, Ray Scott uses a wide aperture to create large areas that are out of focus. The effect can be beautiful.

The areas not in focus can be used to frame a flower or one can even shoot through flowers in the foreground to create an ethereal feel. In fact, at times, it almost seems like you are in the garden for a “bugs eye” view.

How To Photograph Flowers

How-To Photograph Flowers-Camera Guide And Tips

Using a shallow DOF can bring out the delicate quality that most flowers possess thus highlighting one of the greatest qualities that floral …flowers have. Read more: Macro Photography: A Complete Guide

This is a photography tutorial for beginners and a photography tutorial for advanced photographers since the goal is really to get the shutter-bug thinking in different ways. Something that we all need to do no matter the skill level or the number of years behind the camera.

Creative photography ideas…for the photographer who loves to experiment.

FLOWER PHOTOGRAPHY TIPS – Using Macro Photography To See Things Differently

Flower macro photography is the subject of this Visual Art Photography Tutorial. Ray Scott usually likes to portray flowers in a soft almost romantic fashion but in this video, he strives to show another side. A more intimate view that usually cannot be seen with the naked eye.

Beauty is certainly in the eye of the beholder here with images that sometimes evoke illustrations of something completely different than flowers themselves.
Ray uses a Canon macro lens with Kenko extension tubes to get anywhere from life-size to 3x life-size and the results are thought-provoking and unique.


In this episode of Neighbourhood Photographer, while on his bicycle, Ray Scott comes upon a large stand of hollyhocks full of different colours such as white, pink and red.

How-To Photograph Flowers

How-To Photograph Flowers-Camera Guide And Tips

The trouble is, all of these flowers are competing with each other and if pictures are taken from a distance, the overall impact is lost. What to do? Move in closer to isolate smaller groups or even just one flower.

While this tutorial was shot in less than ideal conditions…it was sunny…the basic concept of moving into the subject holds, offering better chances of taking more impactful pictures.

Being aware of angles, shadows, shapes, lines, textures, patterns and colours goes a long way to making good pictures.

Basic Flower & Macro Photography

Gregory Cazillo – In my video I go over timing, lenses, depth of field, focus points, focus modes and some composition tips for capturing great macro and flower photographs.


Showing that great flower photography can be done even on sunny days. Ray Scott takes you through a fast-paced tutorial on how to position yourself and your camera to enable super backlit flower photos.

Using backlighting can be a powerful, fun and creative way to take pictures of foliage, in this case, floral arrangements, on days where you might not normally see good results.

How-To Photograph Flowers-Camera Guide And Tips

How-To Photograph Flowers-Camera Guide And Tips

When shooting flowers on bright days with lots of sunshine, images of flowers tend to look washed out and too bright. By positioning oneself so that the flowers are between the photographer and the sun allows for the sun’s rays to filter through the petals creating beautiful colour and texture while leaving a terrific sky as the background.
How to photograph flowers that are backlit is made easy with this tutorial on photographing flowers that are backlit.

How To Photograph Flowers by Smartphones:


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